ClearSky: Thamar Reservoir An Iranian cyber-attack campaign against targets in the Middle East. First OSX push update Apple on Monday pushed out an update addressing a "critical security issue" for OS X concerning a vulnerability discovered in the Network Time Protocol service, affecting Mac users running OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

DUQU 2.0 on Radio Haifa Discussing the latest headlines of spying against Iran nuclear talks.

ISOC-IL: End-Users, the weakest link Despite modern enterprise security products and procedures, End-Users are still the most targeted. Presenting a few guideliness to prevent user's takeover.

Korea Versus Sony at Radio 107.5FM Short intreview with Yosi Mizrahi at 107.5FM on the latest Korea Versus Sony fiasco.

Gadi Evron: Rocket Kitten: Advanced Off-the-Shelf Targeted Attacks Against Nation States Rocket Kitten is an advanced APT set of campaigns, with a twist - off-the-shelf malware that won’t shame a nation state. The talk will combine an assessment of the threat group’s modus operandi with a technical deep dive.

SecurityAffairs: Clearsky detected Gholee malware – The Israel-Gaza Conflict Takes to the Cyber-Arena Experts at Clearsky detected the Gholee virus which was likely developed by highly qualified factors, which may even be related to Israel’s long-time nemesis Iran.